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What can a brick be used for? Let’s see:

Building material(obvious, I know), door stopper, door jam, use to throw at a window to break it, to trow through a window to deliver a note to, paper weight, offensive weapon, defensive weapon, barricade(requires multiple bricks), an opponent for the muppet “Gonzo” two wrestle while blindfolded(if you’ve never seen “The Muppet Show”, that reference is totally and completely lost on you), a bed for a video game character named “Wreck-it Ralph”, build an item block for an Italian plumber to use to help rescue a princess captured by a giant turtle monster, a funny way to fend off two bank robbers who robbed a children’s toy store on Christmas eve of all it’s money going towards a children’s hospital, something to put under a car when you remove all the tires, a really cheap Christmas present, a journal prompt for your creative writing class, and something to write about in your creative writing journal in that same creative writing class.


That was easier than I thought.


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