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What are some things that I take to heart?

Well, that’s an interesting question. I certainly don’t want to reveal everything that I take to heart. I still have my secrets, even though we revealed who we all are last week. But then again, that might make this easier for me to answer.

For one, I care deeply about how well I do in school. Not just about my grades I get, but also how I’m handling life at school. Am I doing the best I can? Am I the kind of person others see me as? Am I enjoying the classes I’m taking? That sort of thing.

Another thing I take to heart are the relationships that I have with the people I know. I try to keep these relationships strong because I don’t want to be one of those people that ends up friendless after high school. That’s terrifying(oooh, that should have gone on the Fears post!).

And, of course, I also try to take my everyday activities/hobbies to heat as well, because if you don’t care about the small things you do that make you happy, what else makes you happy? Besides creative writing of course.

Yes, Nelson. I take that to heart as well.


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