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Who I am/we are

Hello everyone! You’re all wondering who the writer behind “twomindsthesame” is supposed to be. You all must be expecting some kind of huge reveal with an amazing video that has some huge twist that reveals who I am; like that one blogger who just sat in front of the camera doing nothing or the other guy who claimed that his dog wrote his blog posts for him.

While that may be something I thought of doing, I thought I’d keep things simple(mostly because I couldn’t come up with a way to upload a video. It might have been easy for some of you but I couldn’t figure it out, so don’t talk garbage about it, alright?).

So I’ll just come out and say it: Quaid Wallace has been the one writing these posts, and the fact that my name is marked as spelled wrong by spell check is ridiculous to me.

So you might have been wondering why I’ve been making posts that are just conversations with an unknown person (He’s talking about me, by the way). That person is actually myself. It’s something interesting that I do with myself at times. You know how you always have that moment where you make an important decision and you turn the possible results of the said decision in your head a few times? For me, that happens more time then not, so I started talking to myself like I was a different person. Strange, I know, but everyone likes to get a second opinion from someone else when they have a big decision to make. And who else is better to trust than yourself? After all, you are the best person you know, right?

Besides. People like to be alone with their thoughts sometimes, and others like the have company. I’m the kind of person who likes both. So I came up with a way to combine the two. Plus, it made for a really good idea for a pen name, if you ask me(or me).


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