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The Last Time

So this is the last post, huh.

This will be the last time most of us will write on our blogs and do something related to the class “Creative Writing”. Sorry, Nelson. We all love you, but not all of us are going to try to keep coming up with new material to add to these things. That’s your job.

But who’s to say that we will stop being creative?

Just because our time going to creative writing is coming to an end, it does not mean that our creative abilities will not be ongoing(I have no idea what that means when I say it out loud but I feel the need to leave it in because that is how my creative abilities have changed in this class!). We may continue to follow the teachings of Mr. Nelson and the examples of the students before us in his class( except that one girl Nelson told us about who did something crazy with a poem of hers. You know whom I’m talking about. DON’T FOLLOW HER EXAMPLE, PLEASE!). And who knows when these skills will come in handy down the road. Maybe some of us will become like Ken Miles who helped Ford beat Ferrari at their own game. Or maybe like James Veitch who comes up with hilarious ways to respond to spam emails.

The point is, we will all still be creative after we leave. That’s something that will never change. We just need to see where it takes us from here.

(Hey! Nelson! That’s a good journal prompt for your next class! When will creativity help someone later in their life? Just an idea!)


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