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Here are some videos you can search and get a laugh from:

“James Veitch’s elaborate wrong number prank”

“James Veitch is a terrible roommate”

“Olan Rogers: The bad apple”

“Olan Rogers: The comeback kid”

“Bryan Regan: Stupid in school”

“Bryan Regan: Lousy in little league baseball”

“Bryan Regan: Emergency room”

You’ll certainly get a laugh out of these. And if you don’t, you’re dead inside.


Growing Up

“I believe that youth is spent well on the young.

‘Cause wisdom in you teens would be a lot less fun”

-Luke Bryan, “I believe most people are good”

Is it just me, or do people try to prevent you from doing either of these things as you grow up? Everywhere I go, I see people in schools trying to grow up fast and teachers to appreciate being young. Yet everyday in high school, I see kids getting reprimanded for acting childish.

It’s amazing what people will tell you these days.

I know that when I was a lot younger, I didn’t care much about what people told me to do. All that mattered to me was having fun, being happy, and having fun with my friends.

Yet people try to beat that out of me all the time.

There’s this comedian that I like to watch whose name is James Veitch. He’s this comedian that doesn’t tell funny jokes but rather does funny stuff on the internet, then tells the story of what happened on a slide show. He’s a lot funnier than he sounds, trust me. And the thing about him, he takes these stories so seriously, yet they’re so ridiculous at the same time. And I feel like if we’re all more like him – being serious about the ridiculous, not doing funny stuff on the internet. Although I wouldn’t blame you if you did – and if we tried to act more childish, we would all be better off.

I mean c’mon. It certainly wouldn’t make things worse.

… … … (3)

You enjoying the new book we got?

Yeah. It’s certainly worth reading.

Should we mention some of the things about it?

No. you never know who might be watching. Nobody likes a spoiler. Remember Avengers Endgame?

Oh yeah! No. We definitely don’t want to cause another epidemic like that one.

But if we’re just talking about a new book, what are we supposed to do?

Do we abort?

Abort! Abort! Abort!

Whoa okay! We’ll see you later!

See ya!


I don’t like feeling shame.

It just isn’t something that I enjoy. Whenever a person feels shame, they feel horrible inside. It reminds them that they have done something wrong and they know it. It’s not something that we all like to feel.

I think we should try to accept it.

STOP! STOP! I know what your thinking! “What kind of insensitive statement is that?” (I cannot promise that’s what you are thinking.)

What I’m trying to say is that we should accept what we are ashamed of and move on.

I mean, it’s the end of the term very soon, right? So we’re all scrambling to get all our grades up. Or at least some of us, anyway. Hopefully there aren’t many people in that situation.

And we’re all probably ashamed of the grades we have. I know I am.

But you want to know what I do(Just humor me for a minute, alright? I know there are some of you who couldn’t care less about what I do.)? I choose to accept that I didn’t do well with those grades and move on, trying to make them up as I go.

Who cares about what you did right or wrong? Don’t worry about what you did. The only thing that matters is what you will do to improve it. You can always make something better.

Or at least keep it from becoming worse.

Sitting by a pond

So I went to a place behind my high school called Highland Glen. For people who don’t know what Highland Glen is, it’s a small pond behind Lone Peak High school that is pretty well cared for. It’s home to a relatively large flock of ducks and medium size fish that you never see unless you watch a fisherman pull one out on a fish hook or if you go down in the morning and watch them pop over the surface. I actually saw a falcon scoop one out of the water while I was down there. It was really impressive, if I’m being honest. Of course, the ducks swim all over the pond, bringing the fish to the surface, so I can say the falcon had help.

And then the sun came up. Obviously it had been up for some time, I know, but it had finally broke over the peaks of the mountain range it was behind. It’s about at that time, in fact, that the ducks start to really swim around the pond. They crowd all over the banks in the early mornings, quacking and honking their heads off. then when the sun comes up, most of them will finally leave the shore and swim out and away from people who might be down there in the mornings.

Most of them.

A good portion of ducks actually walk around farther up the shore. There’s always a a good amount of ducks walking all over the parking lot investigating cars, only to be sent running back to the water by a dog chasing them.

I also saw a group of high school boys chasing some ducks as well. I suppose some people try to extend their childhood years after all.

It’s at times like these that I think of my dog. He’s still a puppy and I can only imagine what he would do down there. he’d probably try to run in after the ducks, trying to catch one. Even jump from one of the docks to do so, if he tried. He’d also try to look for fish once saw one; putting his muzzle to the water, trying and failing to to sniff one out.

But it’s also at times like these when I’m alone with my thoughts and notice the things that wouldn’t seem significant to me normally. I wouldn’t usually notice details like these if I hadn’t been alone and by a pond. Of course, I wouldn’t be alone by a pond, so I see some logic in that. But it still surprised me what I noticed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if others felt the same way.

… … … (2)

Bandannas. You had to mention those, didn’t you?

Well, yeah. I mean, it seemed alright at the time.

Do you know how weird it sounds when you mention it the way you did?

Okay. How many times do we need to go over this? If a person see’s something they deem “weird” then that something isn’t weird, but different than what that person is used to. And further more, wasn’t our last message specifically about accepting difference in society?


Okay, you got me there. And you’re right. Bandannas are pretty great.

Thank you. And besides. It’s not like I made a list of all the crazy names they mention in the show “Impractical Jokers”.

Oh man, wouldn’t that be something? Just hearing people list all the names from the show.

Hooo boy. Just imagine if we came back here and there were people rattling of names from the show. It would be a miracle if that happened.

Unfortunately so.


People I see every day look so ordinary. Obviously we’re all different, but looking at us all together when we’re all in a crowd makes that difficult to see. And it’s not like people try to stand out in a crowd. When I see people act weird- sorry that’s a bad way of putting it. What someone may call weird someone else might call normal.

When I see someone acting different than I expect them to act(yeah, that sounds better, doesn’t it?), I’m quick to judge and say “Well that person’s weird.” I ain’t proud of it. I know. But I do it all the time. And that’s something that I see two many people doing too often in society.

Maybe that’s why I like to watch TV shows that shows people weird- what isn’t considered normal by others! Like the show “Impractical Jokers”. It’s a show that “contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four life-long friends who compete to embarrass each other.” They pull off the most random antics in public you can think of. From hiding groceries in customers carts, to calling out ridiculous names(Cranjis Mcbasketball is my favorite; yes that’s how it’s spelled), to even being thrown around by the world champion sumo wrestler( yes. That actually happened.). And I feel like if people were more were more accepting, these things wouldn’t be as- different than what we are used to.

Okay, maybe not the stuff that gets pulled on the TV show, but you get my meaning. Like, if you see someone walking around with a different kind of hat than everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with that. I respect people who were interesting hats.

Well, I also respect bandannas, too. Nothing’s better than a bandanna, if you ask me.

Being Alive

What does it mean to be alive?

Well I certainly don’t know, to be honest. You can ask people from all over and ask them what it means to be alive. I guarantee (I can’t believe that took me over five times to spell that right, by the way) that they will give you different answers.

I can tell you what proves you’re not alive, though.

Things that are alive (not limiting it to people, of course) are able to show emotion in their own unique way(I spelled that right the first time!), not like some mood ring showing your emotions on your finger. I’m aware of how cheesy that sounds, alright? So don’t judge me to badly.

How about this: when you’re alive, you can compare yourself to someone/something else and see how you’re different. I mean, you can compare yourself to a computer and you can obviously see some big differences between the two of you. Here’s a big one that I realized: computers know more information than any one person ever could.

But I also realized this: one person can be smarter than any number of computers. For example: a computer can show you a certain video you look up, but it can’t tell you it’s opinion about the video, what the video is about, or even give the video a like or dislike. That’s because it isn’t alive. Meanwhile, you can whatever you want with the video. You can like it, dislike it, leave a comment about it, share it with someone, or even delete the video if you want to.

Being alive is pretty much being able to do what you want to do and how you want to do it. We’re not all supposed to do the same thing the way some one programmed us to do like the many computers that we can see practically anywhere. We are our own person.

Huh. Perhaps that’s what it means to be alive. What do you think?